Month: May 2018

Appremover – Download appremover

Some software, even after a standard uninstall under Windows, leave traces, by their nature. This is the case of security software (antivirus, antispyware …), which can be problematic if you want to change antivirus: your new software could detect traces of the old and cause problems when it installation. It is not a bad language

Appcleaner Mac

Among the strengths of Mac OS X, there is often the possibility of installing an application by simply drag and drop its icon. Therefore, in most cases, simply throw this icon in the trash to uninstall the software. However, since everything is never so simple, not all applications obey this principle and install other files

Download Revo Uninstaller Free for Windows

Revo Uninstaller Free 2.0.5 Uninstall software and their traces quickly and easily Why download Revo Uninstaller? Even if the Windows-based uninstall manager seems efficient, it does not get to the bottom of things. The many traces and configuration files related to the installed applications are left out and unnecessarily clutter the system as well as the