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Among the strengths of Mac OS X, there is often the possibility of installing an application by simply drag and drop its icon. Therefore, in most cases, simply throw this icon in the trash to uninstall the software. However, since everything is never so simple, not all applications obey this principle and install other files at other locations on the system.

Hence the need to have an application to do a little more cleaning, what AppCleaner offers. This free software will allow you to clean up your applications. Through the four tabs proposed, you will surely and permanently eliminate your files. The first uninstall drawer will allow you to uninstall your applications by dragging the corresponding icon in this space.

The applications tab brings together all the software contained in your system. You just have to check the box corresponding to the program and click on “search” to eliminate it. The Widgets compartment, will contain as its name indicates the set of widgets installed by the user and present in the dashboard. The last division called others will contain the plug-ins and prefpane present. The deletion procedure will remain the same.

AppCleaner incorporates an experimental feature called smartdelete thought for all those who do not wish to change their habits. By enabling this feature, you can continue to drag your files into the trash of the dock and Appcleaner will uninstall it. This well-designed application also includes a module that allows the protection of applications that are installed and installed by default on your system. The most distracted of you will know how to protect their important applications by simply dragging the software icon into the module provided for this job. Always effective, even under Snow Leopard, AppCleaner will allow you to keep a Mac cleaner!

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